A Mediterranean Culinary Concept with a Polish Soul

The key to this unique concept is the combination of traditional Italian flavours with high-quality Polish ingredients. It's where classic dishes from southern Europe can take on a unique character thanks to our use of local produce.

A Mediterranean Heart

L'avanti serves delicious food which is based on the simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine.

Our risotto, gnocchi, saltimbocca, fresh seafood salads and cream of tomato soup, as well as our pizzas which are all prepared here on the spot, will take you straight to the charming trattorias of the Adriatic.

Our homemade pasta and fresh bread straight from the oven help to create a unique atmosphere which will mean you love every moment you spend here.

A Good Address

An intimate space at Grzybowska Street has been remodelled so it can welcome large numbers of diners.

We are open from 8:00 until the last guest - long opening hours that will please every Warsaw resident.

During the day, L'avanti is the perfect place for business or social meetings, for breakfast, a quick brunch or a filling dinner. You can also pop in for a delicious coffee and dessert - if that's all you fancy.

L'avanti at Night

In the evening, the Italian influence provides the perfect meeting place for friends to get together

over a glass of fine wine or a delicious meal, listen to music and just spend time in a fashionable part of Warsaw. Everyone will find something for themselves here.

As well as our varied and nutritious menu full of salads, soups, pasta and meat dishes, we also have a range of delicious cocktails specially selected to accompany our dishes. Why not give them a try?

A Polish Soul

Mediterranean flavours never lose their appeal.

Add to this the excellent quality of our Polish ingredients and the result is food that will keep you coming back for more.

The local cheeses, meats, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms that we use in all our dishes, depending on the season, add incredible flavour to our range of classic European dishes.